Friday, December 24, 2010

Feature Friday: Merry Christmas!!

Being Christmas Eve, I thought I should dedicate this week's Feature Friday on (you guessed it!) Christmas! :3 Since I'm very much into cute stuff, combining cute + Christmas has never been so fun~ X3 (actually it turned out harder than I thought... but fun nonetheless)

The limited edition figure of Wallace and Gromit, apparently recreating the scene from the RadioTimes magazine Christmas cover from last year~ :D

(Image from Wallace and Gromit website)

Good old Mickey Mouse had a re-design this year~ Toy soldier Mickey is a limited edition Disney Event Vinylmation collectible figure and was sold at the Disney Store (but when I checked Mickey is sold out already :() 

(Image from Disney Store)

Something special for the Star Wars fans out there! :3 Mini Darth Vader Christmas figure~ awww... he's not so scary after all~ 

(Image from

The green Android vinyl figure has been transformed into the limited snowman edition for this Christmas season! (can be bought at Dead Zebra Inc.)

(Image from Dead Zebra Inc.)

Now onto the shores of Japan, BearBrick's 2010 Christmas edition figures~ 

(Images from

Danbo, the corrugated cardboard box character from Revoltech (this one is one~) This picture is from Thumbnail of Life blogger dans.

(Image from Thumbnail of Life)

And of course Nintendo Super Mario's Yoshi, with his cute antlers~ X3 (Yoshi's my favorite Mario character~)

(Image from Mushroom Kingdom website)

Stepping into the girly cutness land of Blythe and Pullip~ Blythe's fluffy yellow Santa dress is so cute~ and the reindeer costume of Pullip is just so adorable! X3

(Images from Blythe and Guidetobuy websites)

And of course who can forget the Sanrio crew when we're talking about girly cuteness! Here's Miffy~ and Hello Kitty in bunny Christmas costumes~ (is she trying to pretend to be Miffy? (=.=;))

(Images from Sanrio)

And I found this from the LittleLady blog~ a Hello Kitty Christmas light decoration~ Imagine that! the owners must be real Hello Kitty fans.

(Image from LittleLady blog)

Last but not least, following on from Christmas decorations, Time Square (the one in Hong Kong) has turned its grounds into a "Crazy X'mas" wonderland showing works of the urban contemporary artist Micheal Lau. Bon really likes Micheal's figures, his new Kindergardener series is pretty cute~ :3

(Image from Cover

Phew~ That's it for now! 
Wish you all a very Merry Christmas~ :D


  1. Awesome finds! My favorite picks are Wallace & Gromit and Dart Vader! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Thanks! :3 Merry Christmas Charlot~

  3. Hiya Chi!
    Oh I love the snowman android figure and the Miffy in the santa outfit, too cute! You have mighty fine taste with all the festive cuteness here! :D
    Oh and by the way, I've left a reply to your comment (thank you!) on my blog post for the Angel Bun tutorial, and I've put links in there for embroidery sites which you may or may not already know about, they are:, and
    Good luck with your embroidery!
    Joey x

  4. Wow! Thanks so much for the links for the tutorials Joey! I was going to search through your blog later to see if you have tutorials of the basic stitches! X3 I think I'm going to try do some basic embroidery on the flower on a wallet that I plan to make! Thanks so much again Joey! XD