Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Treasures: New Year Plans

Where will you be to count down to 2011? :D

Get ready for the New Years with a selection of calendars from Etsy~ :)

I also made a treasury for the Team Discovery Challenge~ :)

Have fun! and stay safe~ :D

I had pre-wrote the above to be scheduled for posting today~ BUT there's some exciting news today!!~ Cinda from Beansprouts Childrens Wear  (also known as BSCW) has featured Bon&Chi on her blog!! X3 Yay~~~~ This is the first feature Bon&Chi has ever had! Thanks so much Cinda~ Really made our day~  


  1. I hope I'll be at a party in Ottawa for NYE. I suspect, however, I'll be at my mother's trying to get the baby to sleep.

  2. Hi! This is Heather from Crazy Adorable. I picked your blog as 1 of 15 for the Stylish Blogger Award!!

  3. Hope you'll be able to head for a little party for NYE Kathy~ X3

    Wow!! Thanks so much Heather! XD

  4. Chi,
    What great fun for you to be featured!Your Treasuries look fabulous!

    As far as ringing in the New Year, I'll probably do it in my sleep...been sick :o(

  5. Awww~ :( poor Becky~ hope you feel better soon! You still have 3 days to recover! gogogo!

    I finished your cardholder! :D will send you pics tomorrow (will take the pictures in "natural light") i'm thinking of making magnets as the giveaway~ will email you tomorrow~ :)

  6. Great treasuries! Bon and Chi is such a cute name, and so are your clay figurines! :) As for the new year, I'm trying to decide whether I want to be crammed into Time Square in the freezing cold or stay at home and host a party.

  7. Thank you Petite Hermine~ :3
    Both ways to celebrate the New Years sounds great! XD