Sunday, December 26, 2010

Work in Progress Weekend: Hermione polymer clay figure

Hope everyone had a great Christmas with your family and friends~ :)

For the first Work in Progress Feature, I'd like to share the making of Hermione which was my first custom order from a friend~ :) 

  1. Made the head and body. Trying to get the red and yellow stripy tie on
  2. Managed to get the robe on, but had to take the hair off so that her hair don't get squashed. (Rethink hair strategy time... (>.<;)) also made her book here! arms not attached yet. Most of the tie got covered up... (why did i do all the stripes...(=.=;)) and added to her "roundness"
  3. By this time the sun had set and I'm now working with the orangey lamp light :( Arms attached! Hair (took the looong route) attached! book attached! added shirt collar!
  4. Back view of the curls~ oh sooo many curls~ lol
  5. Painted eyes and mouth and drew the book cover features on after baking~ Oh and I also powdered her hair and wand with some sparkly PearlEx~  

And then TaDa~ the completed Hermione after glazing~ :)

Happy Boxing Day!! :)


  1. Chi,
    very cool and what a great idea to show us what making your pieces involves. I am not familiar with working with polymer clay or anything similar. This just taught me something for today. lol. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for coming over and commenting Cinda~ X3 and thanks for the feature today~

  3. I think the piece is cool too. I admire all of your work. Polymer is one medium that I have not worked with. I keep telling my husband that I want to try it. Maybe someday I will. My problem is that I think I can do everything... heehee... The blog is coming along nicely. I really need to do a lot of work on mine.

  4. Hi Chi! Hermione's so cool! I love her curly hair. It's really interesting to see her being made, I haven't done any polymer clay stuff myself as our oven hasn't worked for about 2 years! Oops! When our cooker properly breaks we'll have to get a new one, and then I'll have another go at polymer clay (I used to make stuff when I was little, remember making a potted plant but the leaves fell off - just like a real plant! hahaha!)
    Joey x

  5. Thanks Libby and Joey~ X3

    I've been buying too many crafty stuff that I don't continue to use too Libby~ (>.<;) I bought some rubber stamp carving tools as X'mas gift to myself... and i tried once and have not touch it since... (^^;) I hope I can keep this blog up! I always start a blog and not continue... (=.=;) but it's more fun when we chat in the comments! XD

    Hahaha Joey~ clay plants like real ones! X3 Actually some of my bunny ears had fallen off too.. :( unlike real bunnies thankfully... (that's why they aren't in my shop... ;p back to the drawing board for that one!) I think some people have designated little toaster ovens for firing their polymer clay stuff (one of the ladies at work had offered one of her old ones to me... i should've taken it back then!) sometimes it feels a little un-eco-friendly to heat up the WHOLE oven just for a little charm... (^^;)