Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chi's Adventure Weekend: Meet the Apprentice! (Jelly)

Hi everyone~ :)
It's time to share what Chi's been up to lately! Today!! I'd like everyone to meet my FIRST apprentice~ Mr. Jelly!!! He is the Jelly in Peanutbutter&Jelly duo that had collaborated with Bon&Chi in the Chinese New Years Bunny! :)

Anyways, Jelly came over Friday and we worked on our first collaborative piece together~ Peanutbutter&Jelly custom order Family Tree photo stand featuring the Jelly bunny~ :) Jelly also made a couple more bunny memo holders, one as present for his grandma and the other for himself~ X3 Yes! he loves bunnies~ (me too!)

And here is the finished products~ :) A JellyxChi production~

Also I'd like to do one last shout out for the Pay-It-Forward that I'm participating it! I've already sent out the free gift to 4 lovely people that had participated! (Thanks Libby, Lorie, Mari and Monique~) THERE IS STILL ONE MORE PAY-IT-FORWARD gift available!! Please comment at the Pay-It-Forward Blog Post to get this last gift!!! It's waiting for you and is ready to be mailed off!! (I don't think I'll be up for another freebie giveaway for at least a few months! so get in while you can!)

Note: You'll be receiving just one of these packages... the other 4 are for other PIF participants... ;p


  1. your new piece is adorable!!..I would love to participate in your pay it forward but I still need three more participant on mine!! doing an other wont work!:^(

  2. cute piece, Chi! great collaborative work!

  3. Thanks Laura and Lelanie~ X3

    No worries Laura~ X3 I know how you feel too~ 'coz i'd love to join yours too but still can't give out the last of mine... :'( maybe we could just do a swappy~ lol

  4. chi,
    Your pieces are so cute! My son and the little neighbor kids think the piece you made for me must be made of looks good enough to eat!

    Hope your day is super!

  5. Lovely! I have *Triss in Treasury Teusday* at my blog today..I'd love you to join and play, with some of your favorite treasury!! See You, Love Eva

  6. @Becky: Thanks Becky!! X3 haha~ maybe I could think of going into cake decorating too~ X3 hehehee~

    @Angel.Pearls: Thanks Eva~ :D In fact I am suppose to be doing a treasury and pounce feature for today's post... (haven't gotten around to write it yet... (>.<;)) I shall pop by to you blog when I've written it!

  7. Hi Chi, i'm Jelly's cousin and i was wondering if you take requests for pieces. I thought the bunny and collaborative piece were very cute. I was wondering if you could work your magic and create a chinese lion dancer ( photo stand.

  8. hi jacq~ X3 sure thing! :D you're very welcome to pop over with Jelly next time he comes over too~ :) and we could work on the Chinese Lion Dancer together too~ XD

  9. Thanks. I'll see when the next time I'm in the area.