Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award~

Happy New Years everyone! :D

Heather from CrazyAdorable ( and gave me the Stylish Blogger Award!! XD Thanks so much Heather~ I'm so excited!! Thank you, thank you, thank you~ 

Okay~ so what I have to do for this award is:
  • Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award. (Check!)
  • Share 7 things about yourself. 
  • Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered bloggers. (I'm guessing only newish bloggers?)
  • Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 Things about Bon&Chi:
  1. Bon and Chi are Asian~ :)
  2. Bon and Chi are the last letters from our Chinese names! :D (The nickname I use for him is Bonbon, but he doesn't call me Chichi... ;p lol)
  3. Bon grew up in Australia (Gooday mate!)
  4. Chi grew up in New Zealand, land of the long white clouds~ 
  5. Bon is madly in love with soccer/football (we are Barca supporters!)
  6. Chi is madly in love with volleyball and has dragged Bon into playing also~
  7. You've probably seen Chi's avatar running all over the place, especially in the Newbie and Undiscovered Teams' discussion on Etsy.... have you ever wondered what Bon looks like?? Well.... HERE HE IS!!! XD lol~ he has spiky hair and thick eyebrows! The figures are from our wedding cake topper~ ;)

Here are the 15 awesome blogs that I've recently found (I've only recently started blogging so I guess most blogs I've found are new to me! XD). Round of applause to these Stylish Blogger Award winners! :D 

  1. Joey's Dream Garden: I first found Joey through flickr when I commented on her awesome tiger embroidery. She's really friendly and is really really good at embroidery! (she's inspired me to pick up my needle and thread X3)
  2. WheelChair Decor: I think I first met Becky at the newbie Virtual Labs on Etsy~ Becky is a lovely lady and I love her attitude towards life~ :) Her second blog is My Eleven Reasons.
  3. Dreamaginarius: Charlot is so lovely and helpful~ I met her through the Newbie Team on Etsy~ She's also helping out fellow Etsians with banners~ contact her if you need some banner help! :D
  4. 30 Days Etsy Challenge: Blog written by EarthyHabitat for beginner Etsy shop owners. Really well written detailed info on how to set up an Etsy shop!
  5. Beansprouts Childrens Wear: Blog run by fellow Newbie Etsian member Cinda~ :) Lovely lady~ 
  6. Chavaneth: lovely lady also a fellow Newbie Etsian member~ :)
  7. Creativity Bug: Fellow Newbie Etsian member~ 
  8. From Laura With Love: Fellow Newbie Etsian member from England~ sells cool pendants and jewelry :D
  9. reFinds: lovely lady also from the Newbie Etsian team~ sells lots of cool vintage items~ 
  10. LibbysGirlyThings: Fellow Newbie Etsian, sells cute girly dolls and ribbons~ :)
  11. Petite Hermine: Also a fellow Newbie Etsian (i think!? I'm losing track here~) her blog and etsy items are really cute~ 
  12. Oh Yum!: I remember first seeing Kathy at Virtual Labs and just seeing her avatar and shop items (mushmellows) made me hungry during the lab... X3
  13. Pop Mosaic: Fellow Newbie Etsian~ She blogs about cool feature artists/jewelry artist~ 
  14. Mollys Muses: I found her blog through the Lab Rats~ her blog style is lovely and she often gets featured on the Etsy front page~ :3
  15. WTF Etsy: Okay... WTF Etsy isn't a newish blog and I may get a WTF stamp from her for putting her here... but her Etsy shop critiques are really funny and candid! I'm still not brave enough to put myself on her chopping block yet! (>.<;) 


  1. happy new years to you, too! I loved your mustache smiley! hehe!

  2. I have another award for you lol

  3. haha~ everyone's showing love~ X3 thanks very much oddball~

  4. You are super cool! How funny! glad Bon does not call you Chichi! (giggles) Omg! you are Barca supporters!!! My husband is from Barcelona!! maybe in the future we should get together to scream "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL" out of our lungs lol. Thanks for all the kind words about me and for sharing the award :)

  5. Hey Charlot!! X3

    My favorite Barca player is Xavi~ followed by Messi and Iniesta~ I like Puyol and Pique too~ X3 and Dani Alves and and David Villa is fitting well into the team~ and and and everyone else~ lol~

  6. hhahahaha you know them all!!!
    Bojan is my fav grrrrrrrrrrrr but I am forbidden to be a cougar lmao! Although Pujol has a something there.. wink wink ;)

  7. lol~ X3
    i know aye~ they're all so young makes me feel old~ :'( lol~

    Puyol's hair is just classic! X3

    heyhey~ i made this last time they won 5-0 against Real Madrid! X3
    their hair came out a little green tho.. coz i had bad lighting... (>.<;) woops~