Friday, January 14, 2011

Feature Friday: Chi's LACMA Adventures (Part 1)

This week I had the chance to visit the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) with my friend~  I haven't been to THAT many museums but I liked the feel of LACMA~ The Urban Lights outside by Chris Burden looks fantastic at night! ANY photographer can get a great arty picture of these lights just by point and click (See Chi's demonstration of this in the pic below~ X3) Another piece of bigger than life sculptural work is Smoke by Tony Smith, the massive painted aluminum sculpture greets the visitors as you walk into the main building of LACMA.

One of the special exhibitions that is currently on is the Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Deail, 1700-1915. It was interesting to see all the different styles that were in trend back in those times, from really exuberant French styled dresses to the more modest English styled ones. The exhibition also showed how one dressed to accentuation certain part of the body (e.g. the buttock as shown in one of the pictures below). I was quite shocked that in those days, a lady is still expected to wear a bustle pad or "light weight" wire cage even when they're playing tennis~ But I suppose if the ladies of those days saw what I wore on day-to-day basis they'd be pretty shocked also~  :T

Another exhibition that LACMA has going on at the moment is the India's Fabled City: Lucknow. This exhibition was very well laid out~ with lots of paintings and treasures pieced together in a way that makes you feel as if you're on an adventure exploring through their culture (with lovely Indian-themed chairs for you to sit on if you ever felt the need to rest during your adventure)~ The Lucknow paintings are so unbelievably detailed! The top left photo on the picture panel below is just a tiny tiny section (i used macro on my camera) depicting a parade on a painting of the royal castle (? sorry I didn't read the info tag beside the painting... ;p) But I do love all the tiny little elephants and little people dancing around~ I wonder how the artists did these detailed detailed paintings~ did they use magnifying glasses? o.O Another feature of this collection that I wanted to share and OMG about is the (nearly) 360 degree panoramic photo room of the city~ It's absolutely stunning! apparently it was taken after a war had taken place and that soon after this photo was taken, the ancient city was built on top of... (according to my friend... since I don't read the info tags.... hehe~ thanks Chi's friend for doing all the tag reading to explain to Chi about all the art~ ;p)~

I think LACMA has a free day on Martin Luther King Jnr Memorial day~ :) So if you have some time and is around the area, why not go check it out! (I might drag Bon along with me this time to finish all the other collections that my friend and I did not have time to go through~ X3)

Part 2 of Chi's LACMA Adventures on Japanese and Latin American arty stuff on next week's Feature Friday~ :)


  1. Looks like you saw some amazing things at the museum...the fashion exhibit looks especially fascinating!
    Thanks for the info in your previous post about the free advertising and button making! I plan to check everything out tomorrow!
    Hope you weekend is super!

  2. Hi Becky! :3
    This museum trip was quite fun indeed!
    Yes! do go check out Lelanie and Sara's sites~ XD