Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Pounce Some Treasures: SylviaCPhotography

It's Tuesday again! X3 (Feels like a Monday 'coz of Martin Luthur King Jr Day yesterday~) Hope you all had a great weekend~ :) Today's Featured Pounce is SylviaCPhotography!

So I stumbled across Sylvia's Etsy shop this morning while putting together today's treasury... and she had 19 sales... so I was all "yay! better do the pounce on her before she gets more sales" (I think one of the pounce rules was to feature shops with 20 sales or less)....  but then after I finished the treasury.... she had had three more sales, which put her shop over the 20 sale limit...but I'm just going to count that I "discovered" her while she was still under 20 sales! X3

Congrats on your sales Syvia! :D

Sylvia is a Military wife and mom from Utah, who is creative and loves taking, editing and looking at pictures~ She has a philosophy of "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life." and I very much aspire to that kind of thinking~ :)

Let me share with you the photo that really blew my mind away~

This bokeh photo is simply elegant!! It makes me reminisce on a childhood dreamy day looking up at the ferris wheel through teary eyes. This picture is sombre yet has the lively feel of the fair.

Syvia also have heaps of other photos that does similar effect~ telling untold stories through a picture that portrays so many emotions. What's the story that comes to mind for you?

Please visit Sylvia's Etsy shop when you get the chance~ she also has a blog and flickr where she shares more of her lovely photos~ :)

This is the treasury which I had built for the Team Undiscovered Treasury Challenge that includes Sylvia's photo~ :3


  1. oh i want all her work lol... its awesome...

  2. I love her photos!!...she make an amazing job!!...hey I didn't know I was in that treasury!!lol...thanks!!!

  3. lol~ no problems Laura~ :)
    I did just make it~ and I think I did convo you didn't I~ (>.<;) sorry if i didn't~

  4. Wow. That ferris wheel bokeh is really incredible. Absolutely beautiful captures! Some day, I hope to have an eye like hers...and some good textures :)

  5. Great artist, great photos! Love your blog, your art and the pretty treasury you made! Love Eva

  6. Chi,
    I just wanted to let you know, I've added your blog button to my 'Blogs of Interest' section of my WheelchairDecor blog!

  7. @Tiffany: Yup~ it's such a great photo aye~ Me too! I hope some day I could take such story telling photos too~

    @Angel.Pearl: Thanks so much Eva~ X3 Your words gives me encouragement to keep going! (didn't do much creating last week...:'()

    @Becky: Thanks so much Becky! X3 I'm trying to figure out how to get you WheelchairDecor blog button... (@-@;)

  8. The Ferris Wheel photo is outstanding!!! What an amazing find :)

  9. @The Black Heart Revolution: Yeah! I know aye!! I think i found her photo from the FP of Etsy or from one of Etsy's emails (i forget which) so she must be getting a lot of attention these few days! X3

  10. She has some great work like the bird picture.

  11. @Holeestars: yup~ X3 her photos are so inspiring~

  12. Wow, I just came across this! I am truly honored that you featured me in your blog! Also thank you all for the nice comments on my work!
    Sylvia :)

  13. Hi Sylvia~ :D
    You're very welcome! I love your work~ It's so beautiful~ XD