Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Pounce Some Treasures: Cuttlefish Press

Woops~ Running late today~ (>.<;) Hope I'm still in time to put my post on the linky~

Today's Pounce some Treasures features Cuttlefishpress~ :D Which JUST opened their Etsy shop for business on Jan 23!!! So it's a really really fresh fresh shop~ X3 And I did find them through pounce function too~ :)

Behind Cuttlefish Press is the designer, illustrator AND printmaker Erica~ :) Erica is from Tampa, Florida~ Every thing in her shop are designed and hand drawn by her~ And all letterpress paper goods are also printed by hand on her 19th century C&P Pilot Old Style press!!! You can't get anymore handmade than that!! X3

Her illustrations are just soooo adorable~ with little animals and creatures gathered together celebrating a particular theme like hibernation, garden party or a sea cruise~ :3 She can also personalize these with your names~ Perfect as a gift for special occasion! :)

I LOVE CUTE STUFF~ X3 and Erica's illustrations are just beyond cuuuute~ !!! 
Please visit her Etsy shop and admire some more of her illustrations cuteness!! X3

Also the treasury that I made for the Team Undiscovered Treasury Challenge "Wildlife and Wilderness", which also includes Ericas illustration~ :)


  1. I love her illustrations!!!...love them love them!!..nice pounce!

  2. she's got some lovely illustrations!

  3. So pretty -and your treasury as well! Have a great weekend/ Eva

  4. yup~ I love her work! X3

    Thanks Angel.Pearls about the treasury~

    thank you both for commenting here~ :D