Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Stroll Around Etsyland #1

Following Laura from Sahara's Heart and Lelanie from To Sew With Love's examples~ I'm going to try and do some window shopping and stroll around Etsyland every Wednesday~ :)

So for this morning's fantasy Etsyland stroll~

It was a relatively mild and warm winter morning (this is fantasy Etsyland~ ;p) so I put on this cute "Be a Gift" dress (from tidabeads)

And carry this "Knitted bag" (by NzLbags)~

which shall contain this little "mini purse" with cute little flowers (by michellechan1010

I pick up my neighbor's little "french bulldog enid" (by everyeskimo), whom I adore and had offered to take for a walk today~ 

We headed for the local park~ which has this magnificent "Splendid sunburst" tree (by LarryCarlsonStudio), which enid loved to run circles around~ :)

Here at the park, we met my friend "Emma" who was on vacation (by okapiknits), and asked if she wanted to go have some lunch together. 

We agreed on having some "California Sushi Roll" (by Cornstarch) but they were too cute to eat... so we set them free... ;p

And instead, we had some "Cherry Marshmallows" (by OhYum)

and some "Homemade Chocolate Fudge" (by Shopadoodledo)

The End~ 

(lol~ X3)


  1. These are so cute! The purse is my fave!

  2. I love it!!..tomorrow I am making my "walking around etsy" on my blog..I will add a link..add this lovely post if you want too!!

  3. by the way it was nice to meeting you your friend Emma!;^P

  4. @claire: I love cute stuff!! X3 Unfortunately, i think the cute purse was sold already... :(

    @Sahara's Heart: Okay! X3 Thanks Sahara~ i'll add to the linky tomorrow~ lol~ "Emma is on vacation" (that's the name for the doll)~ so she can come visit you too~ X3 lol~

  5. I LOVE the sailor-esq dress from tidabeads. I think I must have this :)

  6. @The Black Heart Revolution: Yeah! Me too!! X3 I also want to get my hair cut like the models~ :3 but i don't think i'll look as good as her.. :T

    @To Sew With Love: Thanks Lelanie~ X3 this was a great idea~ lots of fun strolling Etsyland~

  7. Great idea with wednesday shopping!! I'll make a entry next week at your blog!! Love the adorable little purse. Your blog is fantastic..have a great week!! Eva

  8. @Angel.Pearls: Yay!! Join in join in~ X3 It'll be fun~ I think Sahara's Heart and ToSewWithLove does their strolls on Thursdays though~ so i only added the linky on Thursday~ X3

    @Lisa BTB: Thanks! :D