Sunday, January 9, 2011

Work in Progress Weekend: Karate Kid clay figure

For today's Work in Progress series~ I'd like to share the making of another little custom figure that I made for my friend's (second!) order~ This is in likeness of the little boy who's taken up karate recently! :3

  1. Head and body~ 
  2. Getting the karate gear on! (the feet are in the front)
  3. Ears and mouth (in "Heeeya" position), arms ready to punch! Notice the black belt ;)
  4. Oh no! bald spot!
  5. Hair and eyebrows done. Ready to assemble~ 
  6. Assembled and eyes on! Heeeyaaa!!!
Again, after baking, painting and glazing~ He's ready to go kicking! :)

Have a nice day~ ;)


  1. thanks petite hermine~ :3

    we might be getting a fish instead of a hamster now~ X3 less work to take care of i think~ hehe~

  2. He's got a great facial expression! Your work is so cool! Everyone who sees the card holder you made for me loves it!
    Becky Jane

  3. Thanks Becky~ X3 I'm really glad that little Becky is getting lots of love~ :D hehehe~