Friday, January 28, 2011

Feature Friday: Exercise With Miss Couch Potato Series

For this week's Feature Friday I'd like to introduce the new series at Bon&Chi's Etsy Store~ :D

Exercise with Miss Couch Potato

There's 3 different "exercises" that Miss Couch Potato is involved in at the moment:

No. 1: Yoga~ 
Stretch that arm~ Reach for that snack!! X3

No. 2: Swimming~
Relax in the bathtube, put your feet up!

No. 3: Marathon~
Movie marathons are the ultimate challenge in couch potato-ness!!

Enjoy~ :D


  1. lol...I love those exercises too...the are my favorites!!;^P

  2. Fun- I thing swimming looks the best for me..Have a great day/ Eva

  3. @Laura: hahaha~ yup! these are favorite exercises too! X3

    @Angel.Pearls: Yup~ so relaxing aye~ X3 Have a great weekend Eva~ :)

  4. This little cutie is marathon!!!
    Hope you weekend is great!
    Becky Jane

  5. Thanks Becky~ X3
    lol~ yup Movie marathon only! no running marathon for this girl!
    My weekend's great so far~ :) hope you're having a great weekend too! :D

  6. this really cracked me up, Chi! you really touched my tickle bone with this post! ^^)

  7. hehe~ Lelanie~ X3
    these are based on a part of my personality~ though I should really make one of her at the computer as well... 'coz that's more representative of my current state~ X3 haha~

  8. Your work always makes me smile!