Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Pounce Some Treasures: UnderTheStairsStudio

Hello hello~ :3 Okay so I've only done like one Tuesday Treasures so far... but have decided to modify the name slightly to combine Tuesday Treasures with the Pounce a New Shop~ So the idea is to pounce and introduce a new shop while making a treasury, killing 2 birds with 1 stone! :D (aren't I a smart cookie now~ teehee~)

So today's Pounce a Fresh Shop that I'd like to introduce is: UnderTheStairsStudio

UnderTheStairsStudio is run by Morgan K, who is from sunny Brisbane Australia~ (Gooday mate~ :D). She is a really creative person and graduated with a BA of Interior Designs and also does painting on top of making beautiful zippy brooches and accessories for her shop~

Her Zippy flowers on heart brooches are just soooo adorable~ They're so pretty and girly, they make me feel like a young girl again~ (*goes off to twirl in the flower garden*)

She has more pictures of her work on her flickr page and you can see what she's been up to creatively on her blog~ :)

And here is the Tuesday Treasures treasury that I put together (including Morgan's lovely heart brooch) for the Team Discovery Treasury Challenge~ :)


  1. That shop is so cute! Great denim treasury, how original! :)

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  3. I did a typo above... (>.<;)
    What I meant to write was...

    Thanks petite~
    I do love cute things too~ X3

  4. those are so neat! thanks for sharing, and thank you so much for your heartfelt comment- and following me on twitter!! I am following you now, too!

    love, polly :P