Friday, January 21, 2011

Feature Friday: Chi's LACMA Adventures (Part 2)

Continuing last week's LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) Adventures~ I'd like to share some of the pictures from the Japanese and Latin America section~ :D This is a continuation of the same day as in Part 1... as I didn't manage to drag Bon to going with me again on Martin Luthur King Jr Day... :T

The Japanese art displayed at LACMA is hosted in an architecturally magnificent building- The Pavilion. Thought from the outside I couldn't see much as it was getting dark by the time we got to this building.... but the inside is like a maze which spirals and turns while leading you on a adventure through the exhibit. There were no steps in the main part of the exhibit areas.. and each little alcove is slightly sheltered... so that you can enjoy your art semi-privately... yet the space is open, if you look through the gaps you can see people in the other floors~ X3 It was really fun area to explore! They have so many lovely items, which are of great inspiration (e.g. the pots that were decorated by cloisonn√©, thanks Chi's friend! X3)

A side exhibit in the Pavilion is the Bushell Netsuke Collection: Carvings of the Nagoya Region. Netsuke's are little wooden counterbalances which Japanese people used as a weight on the cord to which they hang small containers (for carrying small personal items). I was quite shocked by the design of many of these Netsuke, as some were pretty scary looking! (o.O;) many had the look of monsters, but there were also ones of lucky Gods or animals like lions~ In fact many Netsuke had a very modern "Nightmare before Christmas" look to it~ X3

Last but not least, we went to the Latin American section which was above where the Lucknow exhibition was held~ we didn't have much time to go through the works as it was getting late and the museum was nearly closing~ but there were so many items that were so adorable and I would draw inspiration for my own work (like the little figures and pots!)~ X3 I especially liked the way that the Ancient Latin America Arts section, which had this Amazon feel to the layout and decor~ even the lights had leaves as lamp shades... the only bad thing about the feel was the lighting was quite dim and it was difficult to read the words on the tags....

So that was my adventures at LACMA~ :D (Thanks goes to Chi's lovely friend for taking her~ X3) There may be a Part 3 to this if I can ever drag Bon along with me! X3


  1. I love this post...It fells like I just went to a museum without moving from home!..One of the first pictures is a kimono right??..I love them...I am trying to make my brother in law to bring me one from japan!

  2. @Sahara's Heart: Thanks Laura~ X3 The pictures took a long time to crop and edit... @-@; glad that you like them~ hard work paid off! XD

    Cool!! please do show the kimono if your brother in law brings one back for you~ X3 they are so lovely~

  3. I was just about to ask you if you did the photography...but reading your comment to Sahara's heart, I see that you are...amazing work!

  4. @Becky: Thanks Becky! X3 These pictures were taken with Bon's point and shoot Canon~ X3 and my friend and I are camera shy~ ;p hehe~