Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Handmadeology Break Out Series

Bon&Chi's Game vs. Gamer Memo holder was lucky enough today to get featured in the "Break Out Series" of the the brilliant Handmadeology blog. Yay~ Thank you so much Tim for this~ We really really appreciate it! X3

Through Handmadeology Tim shares his knowledge and tips on how to be successful in selling handmade items online. He also helps promote Etsy sellers by featuring them on his blog~ :3 It's a really helpful site and has a very stylish set up, please check it out if you have a chance~ :3

When I first stumbled across Handmadeology, Tim was featuring 10 fresh shop in his new Break Out series (1st Jan 2011). I would like to share with you four of which I really liked~ :3

  • FlutterbyeNotes: has really really cute cards and notes, perfect gifts for teachers! They can also customize the notes to your needs~ X3
  • LabyrinthHerbals: sells lovely and soothing looking soaps and lip balms~ (^o^)
  • PoshPursesBoutique: has kawaii and chic bags that would be perfect for any girl~ ;3
  • AisletoAlohaStudio: designs simplistic yet funky artwork~ Love it! :)
(yay~ I managed to get this blog posted before today ended~ as I had promised on my comment! X3 Though I don't think anyone would have noticed my comment anyways.... ;p Teehee~ can sleep guilt-free tonight!)

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